Light After Light

So, in a fit of inspiration or madness – take your pick – I began filking/parodying Time After Time. This started in 2017 with the aid of one of my dearest friends, Zoya. I’ve been tweaking it since, taking out anything referring specifically to Atlantia, and making it general, now that I’m a bEast. There’s not much else to say, it pretty much speaks for itself, I think. Continue reading “Light After Light”


Viking Underdress

I had previously made a red wool underdress to go with my black apron. However, I had made it when I was nursing and so it was larger than I needed now. I had some extra linen that I had dyed red and since I’m attending Deck the Halls of Valhalla this coming weekend, I decided to throw a dress together.

I use meistara Vigdís vestfirzka’s dress pattern for my underdress (I also use her apron dress pattern, more or less). Continue reading “Viking Underdress”

Pink Gamurra

I am not a pink person. But my daughter loves pink, and I thought it would be cute if we had matching garb. So, before Tourney O’ Love last year, I decided to make new garb for Crow and myself, and do something different. Mardens had more pink linen than we knew what to do with and I’m pretty sure I’m still swimming in it.

So what do you do when you’re bored, have no pattern, and too much pink linen?

Italian Renaissance. Continue reading “Pink Gamurra”

Raspberry Cordial

When I moved to the East, I decided I wanted to Try All the Things. I think I did a pretty decent job working on that over the past year (fencing, archery, lucet, weaving, kumihimo, embroidery, new garb styles, blacksmithing, thrown weapons, drop spindle, jewelry, calligraphy, class teaching, and brewing). One of those things was brewing, but, specifically cordials. Continue reading “Raspberry Cordial”


With 2 tablet bands under my belt, I decided I wanted to try something new. So, I started talking with my friend Kendra about the next step, and she suggested double-face. After a few weeks of missing each other at fighter practice, we decided to hell with it and I went over the Saturday before Christmas to learn. Continue reading “Double-Face”

Pot Puller – Part B!

I finished this the same day I started it – went back out to the shop in the dark. I’m finally getting around to posting the pictures, though.

I had to troubleshoot a couple things on this, but, I managed to do so rather successfully and it looks none the worse for wear! The first time I bent the hook, I made it too deep, so I had to straighten it out and re-bend it. The first time I made the second bend for the handle I didn’t do it in the right place, so, again with the straightening and re-bending.

I can’t wait to give this to my sister-in-law!

Continue reading “Pot Puller – Part B!”

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